Mastering Nmap: The complete Nmap course in Hindi

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What Will You Learn?

  • Purpose of network scanning
  • Key features of Nmap
  • Installation and CLI navigation
  • Host discovery techniques
  • Importance of port scanning
  • TCP, SYN/Stealth, and UDP scans
  • Significance in vulnerability assessments
  • NSE and custom script creation
  • Techniques for identifying operating systems
  • Optimal scan timing
  • Firewall evasion and customization
  • Automation with NSE scripts
  • Practical vulnerability assessments
  • Ethical hacking scenarios

Course Content

Module 1: Introduction to Nmap
1.1 Overview of Network Scanning Importance of Network Scanning Objectives and Goals in Network Reconnaissance 1.2 Introduction to Nmap Nmap History and Evolution Key Features and Capabilities Use Cases in Cybersecurity

  • Understanding the Importance of Network Scanning
  • Introduction to Nmap
  • Installing and Setting Up Nmap
  • Navigating the Nmap CLI

Module 2: Target Specification

Module 3: Host Discovery

Module 4: Scan Techniques

Module 5: Port Specification and Scan Order

Module 6: Service/Version Detection

Module 7: The NSE engine and using scripts

Module 8: Timing and Best Practices

Module 9: Firewall/IDS Evasion

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